When you are lucky, you find the person that you want to spend  your  existence being in love with. "Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be."         A beautiful poem used it as the bridge to a song.

The next two audio  tunes are for light-stretching, meditation and relaxation. They are my "musings." My goal of "zenning" the lost chord has met with some intriguing success. Dissonant chords are by favorite. They represent how life is harmonious, dissonant and then harmonious.  Water musing is 12 minutes; Be Still is 12 minutes.

Performed after a Sunday Morning Mass as a special SSCH, this sound bit (roughly 45 minutes) is from SSCH archives featuring the legendary jazz artist, Ruby Glover, featuring jim on piano, david arthur on bass and chuck mintess on drums.  Chris Haley does a duet with Ruby at some point.  This is one of Ruby's last performances which makes it something for any jazz enthusiast. She offers affirmations of her faith during the show. Ruby ends the show with one of her signature songs, "ole folk.