Jim performs in different formats from piano bars, private settings to any portion to a full band. On the next 2 pages, are some of Jim's performances on piano (and guitar) doing covers, original compositions and having fun enjoying leisure time. For more informarion click the button

Live Performances

sound bits


jim and david arthur, bass

Unchained Melodyjim piano bar
00:00 / 03:35

Unchained Melody is one of my most requested tunes-timeless.

The Tennessee Waltzjim piano bar
00:00 / 03:57

Tennessee  Waltz is one of my dad's favorite tunes. My arrangement is a bit more improv than the cover.-"that''s jazz."

SSCH Livejim ballard
00:00 / 04:00

Live Saturday Sundown Coffee House excerpt is a tune, "sometimes when we touch,"  done in a piano bar style where jim improvises the arrangement. What a great "hook" for a song. What a sentiment to put into a song.

meditationjim ballard
00:00 / 05:39

Meditation is a sound bit from a coffee house show.  You can not teach "the music" called jazz.  It comes through osmosis; it takes form through you, the musician.  In "the music," there is no wrong note, only opportunity. Musicians are jim b, vocal and piano, chuck mintess on drums and a 14 year old named dylan on guitar who is sitting in picking up pointers.  The beauty of this piece and why its included is to give a chance to hear a young musician "making his bones." 

00:00 / 05:52

The jazz guys (Jim on piano and vocals) is gigging and is performing the Duke's Satin Doll.   This is a 10 minute sound bit. Joel Mc Cord is on trumpet. Chuck Mintess is on drums having a good time. Edgar Jones on bass.  

live Market Inn piano bar (1).MP3Artist Name
00:00 / 11:26

jim ballard finger popping

Market Inn Live is a 10 minute plus sound bit of one of jim"s sets.  Jim tools through several tunes and a blues improvisation where he adds an alias or two.  This 6 pm set catered to the after work Happy Hour crowd comprised of DC and Federal workers and politicians.  Good music and good food was a common denominator. Note: the dishes clashing in the background add a sense of actually being present at The Market Inn. "bon appetit!"

don't fall in love w dreamerjim, donna (duet)
00:00 / 05:13

Jim sings this Kenny Rodgers duet with  a very dynamic singer, Donna, from a show at the Saturday Sundown Coffee House.  Donna was a co-host of the coffee house for several years and presently fronts a couple of Annapolis based groups .  

PAN blue bossanadine,guys
00:00 / 06:55

Blue Bossa was performed at a beach party in Highland Beach, Md(live)and you can hear guests talking to Jim and to each other. To match the bright sunny day, we featured Nadine on her "magic" alto pan. The Cut has Jim-keyboard; bill-bass and Walt-drums: TEA-flute and alto; (In picture, Bill is on lead guitar, Joel is on trumpet and david is on bass).


'The Jazz Guys with Nadine

(L-R) TEA, Joel, Jim, David, Nadine, Bill and Walt

Jim is available for gigs in either of the formats demonstrated on this page.  For further discussion to tailor musical needs to your needs and specifications.